Water cures

Enjoy your stay and have a nice spa


The thermal Spa proposes you its Space Aqua-détente without reservation including thermal swimming pool, hammam, sauna, panoramic terrace with two outer(foreign) Jacuzzis and solarium, collective courses(prices) of sport, relaxation and aquaerobics (according to the schedule).

The Space Aqua-détente is accessible(approachable) from 12 years (minors(miners) under the supervision of an adult).


Our region is also ideal for those who wish to make a spa treatment. Indeed, we are lucky to be situated at the village of Roquebillière, which hosts the only spa resort on the French Riviera. Make the most of you stay and enjoy the benefits of health resorts ?

What for a spa treatment ?

It can be a desire for being fit and relaxing but also for healing, that can motivate you to consider a spa treatment. Thus, at Berthemont les Bains, you can enjoy everything needed to recover your health, with pure water famous since Roman times.

It is naturally a 29 ° C water coming from the mountain crossing the rocks of Mercantour. It is highly mineralized, especially with a strong presence of sulfur, but also silicates and sodium. This water brings all the therapeutic benefits of spa treatments you can expect.

Furthermore, the air quality is also optimal with an altitude of over 1000 meters protecting you from allergens and dusts of all kinds.

Re-charging your batteries

You can treat rhumatological but also respiratory disorders, thanks to appropriate treatments according to your pathology.

Keeping fit can be an option too, so you can choose between a 1 to 6 day package available at the hotel. Between two rest periods, you can enjoy many sports activities to keep re-charging your batteries