Camping les Templiers

Vésubia mountain park

Near the campsite the Knight Templars, Vésubia Mountain Park it is the spot to bathe, climb, to jump, to have a walk in height, to lower a canyon, to work its balance, to roam underground, to go in for sport, to relax, to play, to nibble, to meet of the world …
All this in the same space managed and livened up by the team UCPA and the eternal sound sense of sharing.

Vesúbia Mountain Park it is recreational activities of indoor mountain, open on an unlimited playground that is the incredible valley of Vésubie, near the Campsite the Knight Templars.

I leave you the pleasure to discover to it its multiple facets.


The installations:


A climbing wall with encordement of 36 corridors (width corridor: 3 m – 2 ways by corridor) of a height varying between 11 and 13 meters. 280 m ² of surface in slope (until 6 m of advance), 156 m ² of vertical surface and 100 m ² of oblique surface.

A structure of block (without encordement) for the discovery and the heating 4 meters in height with carpet of reception 85 m ² of surface in slope, 58 m ² of vertical surface and 7 m ² of oblique surface.

The panels of the wall and the blocks are in plywood resinated wine.

The climbing wall is a regional wall of classification.

A route in height (10 – 12 meters) understanding 12 workshops: two scales (access and exit) a bridge of monkey 2 stalks a net to dish a footbridge boards in length a Tyrolean one a footbridge boards in wide of the pipes a small step a vertical net a scale of parrot a zone of via ferrata a seesaw

Minimum age: 10 years

Duration of the route: session of one hour

Routes of playful rock-climbing

PLAYFUL ROCK-CLIMBING compound(made up) of 13 challenges and 20 lines of ascent

Description of the main challenges:

Leap of faith ( salto mortale):l’objectif objective is to go(take) up the central pole. On the platform of jump, the participant jumps to catch the trapeze or the bag.
Speed Climb ( sprint): 2 parallel corridors(lanes) with a stopwatch (button + digital billposter
Face to face (Climb(Soar) mirror): 2 identical walls on transparent surface to climb(soar) in parallel
Do the twist: north tornado and south tornado
The inflated: flexible inflatable cylinders on which are stuck handles(handfuls)
Stairway to heaven: huge staircase, ascent without hands
Challenge against return climbing wall: the grips ignite during the ascent
Rock-climbing of ice(mirror,ice cream): to reproduce the on ice escalation(climbing): rock-climbing with one False ice axe which we hang on in the grips on holes H Combo: 4 different types of rock-climbing on the same challenge Challenge against the ripe of escalation

Challenges have a 8,80 meter height

Minimum age: 6 years

Canyoning and caving

The 1st space of internal Canyoning of Europe:

A series of workshops through three ponds of reception situated at different levels, each equipped with a waterfall of water. The rise is made thanks to staircases and channels of ascent with several levels of difficulty.

The descent is made by several workshops:

Slides: 2,5 m of length and between 1,5 and 3 m of free-fall The jumps: between 3 and 5 m of length A reminder: 5 m of height

The space of caving(speleology)

80 m shelf spaces of route(course)
A well of training in the laborers(operations) of ropes of 9 m of height 5 sections of levels of difficulty

Swimming pool

A swimming pool of 25 meters of 3 corridors(lanes) (depth of 0.80m in 1.40m)

A beach(range) of 400m ² outside

A solarium inside

A playful swimming pool with collar(pass) of swan, seat(sofa) hydro-massante and massantes buzzards.

A paddling pool of 30m2

The set(group) is decorated with two beaches(ranges), one of the 400 m2 inside and a second beach(range) solarium outside.

Tray(Plateau) cardio-body-building of 80m2

Sauna, hammam

Seat(Sofa) and hydromassantes buzzards