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The biggest Tyrolean of France is in the colmiane

The biggest Tyrolean of France, and also one of the biggest of Europe, waits for you in Colmiane.

You dream to steal? The biggest Tyrolean of France is in Colmiane

A sensational attraction

In winter as in summer, the station(resort) of Colmiane proposes you:

Tyrolean one huge, allowing to overfly(to skim through) the ski slopes, in complete safety, in a maximal speed of 130 kph.

Of a total length of 2 663 meters, this Tyrolean consists of two sections:

Section 1 between the arrival of the chairlift of the Peak and the intermediate platform installed(settled) on the northwest hillside of Small Conquet: 1879 m
Section 2 between the intermediate platform and the station(resort): 784 m
Breathtaking characteristics

Departure as height as 1 776 meters (105 m of maximal height of flying(skimming through) *) and arrival to 1489 meters, one is made uneven total of about 300 meters.
A slope averages of 13,5 % for the section 1, and 6,5 % for the section 2.
An average time(weather) of descent of 1 minute 49 seconds with a 120 kph average speed on the first section.
Possibility of making the descent only or in duet, in lengthened(stretched out) position.