Canyoning and rafting

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Rise aboard this stable and reassuring boat. After a briefing detailing safety instructions, here you are ready to navigate on translucent waters of the rivers of the Alps of the South

In the operation, the guide manages the rafting while the crew gives the speed allowing to cross rapids. In every vagueness, some team members, even all the crew according to the difficulty of routes, may get soaked!!!

The canyoning is a friendly and playful activity.

Jumps, swimming, descents in reminder, Tyrolean, walking in river: here are the elements of a descent of canyon. It is an ideal practice for the sensations Strong.

Sites are exceptional both at the level of the flora and fauna and the met landscapes.

You will have only to take your swimsuit and a pair of sports shoes (no light sandals PLEASE!!!).



closed  to Nice , in the  Tinée’s valley , this is a complete and nice canyon for an initiation and beginners.

2H3O of naturals slides, different types of jumps, abseiling.

This stream is renowned and well know by the niçois canyoning enthusiasts.

From a geological point of view, this canyon is located in a limestone massif.

This is a wild valley, near Isola ( ski resort ) and this stream flows into the River of  la Tinée.

  • level : easy
  • time : 2H30
  • you need to know how to swim and be healthy.
  • for beginners , perfect to discover this activity.




This canyon is fun with many slides and jumps up to 7 meters.

It takes place in a very narrow valley and offers you abseiling closed to a cascade. ( max 18- 20 meters)

this canyon is renowned in the Alpes Maritimes.

However, this canyon is not feasible during summer. but it’s an excellent canyon for spring. 

it is located in a limestone massif, and it’s a tributary of the Vésubie river

  • level : intermediate
  • time : 3-4h
  • you should not suffer from vertigo,  abseiling  can be  impressive
  • you should be able to jump from 2 meters in the water
  • beginners can do it if you are sportsman




This canyon is a tributary of the Vésubie river.

Winding through the village of la Bollène Vésubie, you will find an forest ambiance.

this canyon is for sure the funniest  of the Alpes Maritimes . Water has carved  giant natural slide for your greatest pleasure !

In addition, flora will delight herbalists with giants rhubarbs.

fun and a good pie is waiting fo you.

  • level : intermediate
  • perfectly adapted for people who look for jumps ans slides
  • the most impressive jumps and slides are not mandatory , could be replace by abseiling
  • but jumps  of 2 meters of height are mandatory.



One of the most beautiful routes of the valley  of la Roya

Located in Breil sur Roya, this canyon offers you the possibility of many jumps ,  up to 10 meters (maximum) , incredibles  slides ( 12 meters max ) and nice abseilling.

The canyon of la Maglia is also know for his fantastic cave full of very beautiful concretions.  As the result, the atmosphere in this canyon is  particular.

Sensations will be present and you will be amazed.

  • Level : intermediate
  •  you should be able to jump up to 3 meters to have fun
  • you should not suffer from vertigo.
  • the highest point for abseillling mesures 15 meters.



This canyon is located in the little commune of Andon.

It’s a river of Alpes Maritimes which flows in the Mediterranean  sea.

wsh a length of 50 km , it is know in the valley du Loup.

this valley has one of the most fun canyons of 06 with many jumps and amazing naturals slides.

this canyon is located near the city of Grasse.

  • level : easy
  • adapted for beginners
  • the biggest jumps are not mandatory
  • you can leave the canyon any time you want



This canyon is located at 15 km from the north of Vintimille.

It’s one of the most reputed canyoning of the Sud Est in France, quickly accessible from the Côte d’Azur.

canyoning in Barbering will give you strong sensations with jumps up to 9 meters, abseiling ( 12 meters ) and slides.


Because of the low altitude ( 200 m) , the water is warm.

the canyon de barbaira  offers you nice basins with many aquatic games.

From a geological point of view, the water of  the canyon of Barbaria flows into a limestone basins.

  • level: intermediate
  • you should know how to swim and be healthy.
  • be able to walk 1 h and do 4h of canyoning.

It’s a canyon you should do once in your lifetime.